Americans Resisting Overseas (ARO) is a non-partisan organization that seeks to strengthen the potential of Americans who live outside the United States to exercise their citizenship both in their home and host countries. We are connected with a network of 25 American-led organizations in 5 continents, united in our passion to participate and politically engage regardless of the country we live in, and ensure that our decision-makers in the United States listen to our voices, and take them into account in policy making.

We do this through: 

Network building: American-led grassroots organizations around the world work in different contexts, and can often feel estranged and disconnected from the US and from each other. That is why ARO helps support a leadership network that facilitates regular communication between American-led overseas groups. This global network currently counts on the participation of over 25 American led groups, in 5 continents. If you are interested in representing your group in this network email americansresistingoverseas@gmail.com.

Sharing Stories of Global Participation: ARO has shared over 40 stories of American leaders who are exercising citizenship outside the USA to over 5,000 readers. In almost all of these stories, Americans overseas have expressed a sense of isolation when trying to find ways to exercise citizenship outside the US. However, they share that through small acts of participation and connecting with others around the world they become empowered with the knowledge their voices can be heard after all.  By sharing the successes and challenges of advocating to US decision-makers from outside the country, ARO helps drive more Americans overseas to action.

Cross-country campaigning: Through a global network ARO supports and shares campaigns created between overseas American leaders that seek to make our voices heard to US decision-makers. Since its founding, ARO has supported over a dozen campaigns that were organized and carried out in a network around issues such as holding banks accountable, environmental protection, gun control, immigration policies and many more. We estimate the campaigns, held between continents, have reached over 10,000 people.

Global citizenship: ARO promotes a form of citizenship in which Americans overseas participate actively and respectfully in the US and in the country they currently live. We encourage Americans overseas to reflect on the impact that US policies have on the country´s in which they live, and form global alliances in which we work together for common dreams.

Who we are:
ARO is a volunteer led and run organization. Contributors to Americans Living Overseas, are Americans living overseas. We live outside the United States for many different reasons-  some for work, some to study, some just because, but we are drawn together by the need to act collectively.  If you would like to share your experiences exercising citizenship overseas through being a guest contributor or are interested in being part of the Leadership Team please email americansresistingoverseas@gmail.com.