We, American migrants, living overseas are estimated to be between 3 and 8 million strong. That is the equivalent of a state somewhere between the size of Rhode Island and Tennessee. While we may not be in the United States physically during these urgent times, we are still citizens with rights to participate and have our voices heard. It is more crucial now than ever before that we, Americans living overseas, are able to participate and advocate around our deep concerns towards the current administration’s actions.


1. Empower American migrants overseas to exercise their citizenship by mobilizing against actions of the new administration from outside the USA.

2. Facilitate a space for American migrants overseas to connect through their actions and mobilizations, in order to strengthen collective action across borders.

3. Invite reflection by American migrants overseas around their political context as activists living outside the USA.

Who we are:
Contributors to Americans Living Overseas, are Americans living overseas. We live outside the United States for many different reasons-  some for work, some to study, some just because, but we are drawn together by the need to act collectively. The actions we share, aren’t just in theory. We are doing them! If you would like to share your experiences resisting overseas through being a guest contributor, please email americansresistingoverseas@gmail.com.