Vote Against Hate

We are the global arm of Women’s March, in 7 continents, 73 countries, 183 cities outside the US. We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families.

On March 4th, Italy will vote in general elections. The increasing climate of hate, fear, discrimination and social exclusion is a danger voters cannot underestimate or ignore.

‪In the last year, the misogyny, xenophobia and trans-homophobia of the far-right have been voted down in France and the Netherlands. Meanwhile, waves of intolerance and isolationism are sweeping through countries in Eastern Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Will Italian voters show up at the ballot box to stop the same from happening here? ‬

‪Women’s March Rome, Florence and Milan groups, along with the international coalition of Women’s March Global, urge Italian voters to vote with their conscience – against hate, fear and division, and for diversity, equality and inclusion.

We do not support any party or candidate. We support citizens exercising their right to vote as they see fit and choosing parties that stand for the values of women’s equality, social inclusion, environmental justice and human rights. ‬We believe the most important thing is to vote, as not voting will do nothing but empower those who seek to govern through fear, hate and ignorance.

On 4 March, we urge the people of Italy to vote against hate. Vote against those who would take us backward, who use politics of fear and division to feed neo-fascist mutations in Italy and elsewhere, who seek to close off and isolate Italy from Europe and the rest of the global community, who want to reassert a society based on toxic patriarchy and hyper-masculinity. We urge a vote against hate in all its forms!

Support our Thunderclap action so that the message of Voting Against Hate will be heard worldwide in support of the people of Italy as they vote on the 4th March 2018!



#VoteAgainstHate ‬

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