Equator Banks, Act!

A global coalition of organizations invites you to support a Global Call to Action on the 91 Equator Banks to stop financing climate disaster projects and to respect Indigenous Peoples’ rights.

If you join us, you will be one of 37,000+ individuals and 200+ groups to do so!

What is it?

This October, over ninety of the world’s largest banks will meet in Brazil to discuss their commitments under the Equator Principles, a collectively agreed set of rules for financing big infrastructure projects. These ‘Equator Banks’ have all promised to finance such projects in a ‘socially responsible manner’ and to avoid negative impacts on climate change wherever possible…however, THEY ARE NOT WORKING.

Equator Banks, Act is demanding that at their meeting this October, Equator Banks commit to a new set of Principles that stops the financing of climate disasters and fully respects Indigenous Peoples’ rights and territories.

Where is it?

91 financial institutions from 37 countries have adopted the Equator Principles (‘Equator Principles Financial Institutions’, EPFIs, or Equator Banks). Most of these are commercial banks, but the list also includes Export Credit Agencies, national development banks, and an insurance company. Search for banks by country. 

What can you do?

With now less than two weeks to go until the Equator Banks meeting in Brazil, the organisations organising this campaign (Mazaska Talks, Divest Invest Individuals, RAN, Greenpeace, BankTrack, and many more) are doing everything they can to pressure the banks to listen to our call.

To build up this pressure, Equator is organising a Twitter storm on October 17th, 6-7pm CEST. We will show the Equator Banks the global support for the call.

Can we lend your voice for this?

Your can help in the following ways:

  • Support the Thunderclap happening at 6pm CEST (Oct 17). The Thunderclap will mark the start of the Twitter storm.
  • Email your networks and supporters about this Thunderclap.
  • Join the one hour twitter storm (6-7pm CEST) with more tweets and retweets, which you can find here.

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