Song “Watchlist” is a Must Listen for Overseas Resisters

The song “Watchlist” is a moving and inspiring piece from Sarah Jane Burgess´s debut album Department of Heartbreak.


Sarah Jane Burgess released her album, the 19th of September, and its haunting songs draw on old americana to tell stories about travel, lonesomeness, and the monotony of loss.

If you are living overseas you might know Sarah as one of the founders and lead organizers of the international activist´s organization Progressive Action Global Exchange (PAGE). Listening to the beautiful voice of one of our own, is a reminder of the importance art plays in keeping us going in the personal and political levels.

Not just the song Watchlist but the entire album is worth listening to. The songs  “To the end of the world” and “Broken or whole” might especially resonate to Americans resisting overseas. You can buy and listen to the alblum at bandcamp and we recommend you do!

In the words of Sarah,

“If you are on the watchlist baby, you are doing something right.  It is clear your contributions are important to the fight.”

“If you are feeling weary and you think you might quit, remember you  fighting evil is the greatest honor that there is.”

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