Walk for Peace – Women’s March London

By Women’s March London

On Sept 21, the UN designated International Peace Day, members of the Women’s March movement across the world will walk for peace and justice in cities that have been targeted by terror. Actions are taking place in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Stockholm, Paris, Rome, Sydney and other cities. All participants will carry white flowers for peace. In Europe all actions will end at 7pm BST 8pm CET.

In London, members of Women’s March London will dress in black and walk in silence from Borough Market (site of the June 2017 attack) along the South Bank to Westminster Bridge (site of the March 2017 attack) carrying white flowers for peace. Members of Finsbury Park Mosque and the Grenfell community have been invited to join the walk. At the end of the walk the flowers will be scattered into the River Thames. By this act we connect through water to other cities around the world.

In Barcelona, members of Women’s March Barcelona will link hands with candles along Las Ramblas, (site of the August 2017 attack). In Spanish, La Rambla means the waterway.

Women’s March Paris (site of the November 2015 attacks) will gather by the banks of the River Seine. There will be a candlelit vigil in Stockholm (site of April 2017 attack) and other cities will hold candlelit vigils in their city centres. In Sydney, Women’s March Sydney will scatter flowers into Sydney harbour.

Women’s March London says “There can be no peace without justice, equality and dignity for all. In cities across the world we join together in collective strength with hope and resolution to forge a more peaceful future. We come together to grieve for the recent loss of precious life due to violence in all forms, including terrorist, state, corporate, domestic.”

In London the walk starts from Borough Market at 6pm and finishes at 7pm at Westminster Bridge. Participants are being asked to dress in black and bring or make white flowers and carry signs. The walk is taking place in silence but a short statement will be read at the end of the walk before flowers are thrown into the water at Westminster Bridge. Further details https://www.womensmarchlondon.com/walk-for-peace/

Please join us – or start your own walk.

Womens March London

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