Resisterhood Needs You- Protect DACA

Resisterhood Medellin is disheartened and upset by the White House rescinding the DACA / Dream Act. This, as many politicians, scholars, and economists have concurred, is a cruel and dangerous move by the current administration. This will affect 800,000 young people, currently working, studying, LIVING in and contributing to the US, not to mention the affect on our communities, employers, universities, and the economy. Two young Colombian-American women were arrested yesterday in the US for protesting this move.

The White House has consistently aligned itself with racist, discriminatory, and dangerous policies, affecting citizens, communities, the economy, and the environment. THIS GOES AGAINST WHAT WE KNOW TO BE THE VALUES OF MOST AMERICANS.

We need our voices heard, and we need you – please take a moment to look at the following links and call your elected officials, or involve yourself in other ways, TODAY!

1. Click here to send a message supporting the DREAM Act to officials in your state:

2. Click here for THREE EASY WAYS to share your concerns:…/daca-has-ended-you-are-outr

3. Find your state reps here:

4. Last but not least – Please join Resisterhood in supporting the #nottoofarawaytocall Campaign! Take a picture of yourself calling from wherever you are (near or far!) and post it on our page or your FB page with the hashtag and see how we’ve all come together

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