Anyone know someone in Antarctica?! #Not Too Far Away to Call

Action Together: Zürich invites US Citizens abroad to make their voices heard from 6 to 14 September. Tell your member of Congress “Hi from Dubai” (or wherever in the world you may be), and let them know what you think about issues that are important to you. No matter where you are, you can participate in what’s happening back in the US when you’re #nottoofarawaytocall.


We would love to see photos of YOU and your friends calling MOCs…hopefully from lots of places around the world.

Here’s what to do:
Post your photos to all of your social media outlets with the hashtag #nottoofarawaytocall – include location and a sentence about which MOC you are calling and why.


THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE CAMPAIGN (until Sept. 14th) invite friends to join in the fun – by following this page, liking our goofy pictures, and posting pictures themselves. We have the best chance of attracting attention if we have photos from around the world – anyone know someone in Antarctica?!!


Founded in March 2017, Action Together: Zürich, CH is an organization of Americans, Swiss, and other nationals in and near Zurich, who are committed to protecting American values currently under threat by the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress. We are a group of volunteers dedicated to taking real, concrete, creative and effective political action as efficiently as possible. Although we all have professions, families and other obligations, we are committed to doing our small share to help protect American and Swiss values of equality, freedom, opportunity, democracy, human rights and environmental protection.

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