How the Women’s March changed activism on a global level

By Uma Mishra-Newbery

I am a US Army disabled veteran, and I am a patriot. I served my country with pride for six years as an active-duty soldier in the United States Army. My time in active duty taught me that service is not just an idea of nationalism or patriotism but it is our duty as citizens of this planet. When I moved overseas to Switzerland, I lost my connection to the grassroots level community work that I was doing in Michigan. The work was small but it was active and it always involved multiple levels of community engagement. Small projects like Sunday Soup (where artists are supported through community grants) or volunteering at the local V.A. were some of the ways I continued to ‘serve’ after my discharge from the Army.

Moving to Switzerland made me feel incredibly isolated as I lost the connection to the grassroots work I was doing in the U.S. . I would watch what was happening at home in the run-up to the election and feel angry for not being able to be more engaged. I contacted veterans groups and Democrats Abroad but nothing really felt right; then Women’s March came alive and in Geneva a group of volunteers came together to plan a march in solidarity with ReSisters in the US. I volunteered in Geneva on the day of the march and the energy that I received on that day from just volunteering is something that has carried me forward six months after the march.


Many people have said to me that being a part of Women’s March Global or of any movement at the moment, is not a sprint rather it is a marathon. But I have learned differently. At some point marathons have an ending – this work does not. What Women’s March Global has been able to do is give a platform to people who want to be involved in everyday activism even if it’s as simple as resharing or retweeting content or if it’s on a larger scale – collaborating with other other chapters around the world on actions. We as a global movement do not respond immediately to what is happening in the United States as we are very much focused on integrating ourselves within our local areas and also international networks. There are so many activists in this resistance and we join with them in this movement in hopes to amplify, in hopes to collaborate, in hopes to unite as a common voice For the freedom, equality, and protection, and liberation of all people.

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