Art Resist: “REFUGEES WELCOME,” says Madrid


Photo taken by SC Yeowoo. Madrid, Spain


As I was strolling by the Plaza de Cibeles, the neo-gothic symbol of  Madrid, I saw the banner flying loud and proud. Having lived in the south of Spain for a few months, my head immediately swam with the thoughts I had went through and then filed away for another day. I recalled the careful conversations — the ones so laden with caution that really we could have been talking about something else. The conversations in which we didn’t dare break the stare and instead scrutinized every facial muscle in order to detect something akin to discomfort, disapproval, or worse opposition. I wonder why discussing whether people in crisis should have a better chance at life has become such a lethal subject that we approach that a grenade with its pin pulled.

When has the right to exist been so political? Since when did a certain people have more of a righteous claim to life than others? I suppose, since the moment when people built society on domination and called it cooperation or “that’s-just-the-way-life-is.”

SC Yeowoo is the proud daughter of immigrants who hopes to be remembered as the woman who spoke surely, wandered bravely, and loved fiercely.

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