One Woman’s Spiritual Path to the American Resistance by Karen McCann

By Karen McCann

This piece is by blogger and activist Karen McCann, who has launched the Women of the American Resistance series where she features the great work of women activists around the world. This video was originally published on the 24th of June 2017, and is shared with permission of the author.

​Every journey teaches us something, even if it’s only that pig’s ears really are as rubbery and tasteless as you’d imagine, or that the best time to check for bed bugs is when you arrive at night, not when you get up the next morning. For Jen Hofmann, a writer and social media teacher in Oregon, her 40th birthday inspired a host of what’s-life-all-about questions that led her to a pilgrimage on the famous Camino de Santiago across northern Spain.

What wisdom did she find on the journey?

​”The entire route has yellow arrows that help guide you,” Jen told me. “In my own life, I’ve learned to identify what those arrows look like and feel like inside of me.” One critical turning point came after the 2016 election. “I had about two weeks of lying in bed eating Oreos,” she recalls ruefully. “I was seriously depressed and disillusioned.” Then one day she got up, got dressed, and went to a meeting of local Resisters.

The group was struggling to make their way through the morass of social media to discover reliable information and figure out how to take meaningful action. Jen volunteered to research, verify, and post a checklist of useful actions for the forty people in the group. By January subscribers had grown to 7,000, and after the Women’s March, it went viral. Today, her Americans of Conscience checklist has 70,000 subscribers.

I asked Jen if she could look the president in the eye and say one thing to him, what would it be? Jen (who is clearly a far more spiritually evolved person than I am) replied, “It would probably be to heal. I’m aware that behind his egregious actions and massive ego is a deeply wounded man. I wish for him healing in whatever it is that plagues him.” And I say amen to that


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