Indivisible from Ecuador

By Naomi Herndon

As an expat coming from the United States, living in Ecuador for almost 3 years has been a great experience. There is so much to see and do and learn. Although I enjoy my new home, the United States will always be a very important part of me. I love the U.S with all of its assets, and its flaws. One area of frustration for me, living as an expat in Ecuador, has been how to participate in the political process in my country of origin. After all, democracy is not a spectator sport. A strong democracy requires that everyone has a voice and that everyone uses his or her voice, even from abroad.


That is why I started Indivisible Ecuador. Indivisible Ecuador is the sister group of Indivisible US. We are very proud to be (to our knowledge) the first international Indivisible group. Indivisible Ecuador has adopted and adapted Indivisible’s take-action tools to help citizens living abroad participate in the democratic process and make our voices heard from afar. There are now 5834 Indivisible Groups throughout the U.S. That is at least 2 in every Congressional District in the US. has been viewed over 18 million times by over 3 million unique users from every state. Indivisible has become this popular because it assists ordinary people, like me, with the process of getting our voting preferences heard by our state Senators and Representatives.

Before launching Indivisible I spent hours researching, which resistance groups would serve the needs of Democrats living abroad. Since Indivisible was written by former Congressional staffers, their knowledge of the inside workings of our government is invaluable. Indivisible is not “blind resistance”, the group teaches the fundamentals of how government works (now I know what cloture is) so we can be informed citizens and understand the issues we are voting on. Resistance is what our country was founded on. It is not treason; it is democracy at its best.


The Formation Committee and I have also spent many hours vetting the resources listed on our FB group. Only the most current and accurate sources and facts are put on our page.

Lastly, I would like to say a few words about the Formation Committee. These are a group of passionate, committed people, who like myself, want equal rights, inclusion and humanity for ALL the citizens of the USA, not just a select few. We want a country where everyone can thrive, not just for ourselves but for our children, grandchildren and all future generations. It is a pleasure working with these loyal Americans.


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  1. Roz Reymers says:

    …and happily, Indivisible’s outside the US are spreading: Indivisible Nosara in Costa Rica, Indivisible Paris…Any others?


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