Act Now: Reunite Nathalie and her baby Emma!

Baby Emma and Nathalie, Colombians, had only been living in America for two months when Emma was taken away from Nathalie by Emma’s American father and his family using false accusations.


Nathalie is now fighting to regain custody of baby, Emma, who is only five months old.

Nathalie loves being with Emma and she knows Emma needs her Mom. They are used to spending all day everyday together.

Nathalie has no support network, no resources, no friends and limited English, She is desperately trying to fight this terrifying injustice and get her baby back through the US legal system.

Nathalie needs your help to survive in the States. To right this wrong. To let Emma have a Mom again.

Please donate whatever you can to help with the legal and living expenses involved with reuniting Emma with Nathalie in Washinton DC. Go to this GoFundMe page to make your donation today!



restisterhood logoThis campaign is being supported by Resisterhood Medellin. Resisterhood Medellin seeks to maintain the universal values of liberty, justice, inclusion, diversity, and freedom for all by being a motivating force for promoting positive change in Colombia and the world.

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