Art Resist: JustFolk Records “Anthem for the Resistance”

The song, COMA TONIGHT, featured in this week´s Art Resist section, comes from the group JustFolk. The vocal track was recorded in Barcelona; the lead guitar in Ibiza, Spain; bass in St. Paul, MN; keyboard and backup vocals in Helena, MT.

The song, COMA TONIGHT is one of 10 songs on JustFolk´s forthcoming album called ANOTHER SHORE. ANOTHER SHORE is the third album in a trilogy which they are hoping to release this June. Todd Kolod, one of the members of JustFolk, as well as co-administrator of the resistance group Ibiza Resistance describes what inspired the song:

“COMA TONIGHT was written during the seemingly darkest days following November 8, 2016. Who knew that it would get much worse. I am an activist to my core. COMA TONIGHT is intended to be an anthem for the resistance. While the song was getting some final production, I stumbled upon a New York Times article which compiled photos from around the world from the Women’s Marches in January. The photos are from an assortment of sources around the world.”

All JustFolk music is available for free at

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