Act Now: Tell 45 to Support #Paris Agreement

What: A TWEETSTORM to Tell 45 to keep the US in the Paris Climate Agreement.

When: May 30 at 11am GMT / 12 noon CET

Why: The Paris Agreement is the backbone of international action to tackle the greatest challenge facing our civilization: climate change.

Donald Trump is considering withdrawing from the agreement, standing with the fossil fuel millionaires and billionaires who want to put our planet and homes at risk.

That is why resisters around the world from groups like Women’s March Milan, Women’s March Barcelona, Madrid Resistance, Progresive Americans Action League Oslo, American Expats for Positive Change, The Progressive Action Global Exchange, The Coalition Berlin, Women’s March Rome, American Resistance Sevilla, Democrats Abroad Italy, Resistance Events Italy, and Americans Resisting Overseas are joining with others around the world to say #KeepUSinParis!!!!!

What you can do to participate! 

We will all tweet and retweet together!

  1. Trump is considering backing out of the #ParisAgreement. Show CEOs & world leaders that our momentum is unstoppable by retweeting and signing this petition to stand together against fossil fuels and for %100 clean energy economy.
  2. 45 needs to know the majority of Americans want to #KeepUSinParis #ParisAgreement. If you are one of them retweet this Climate Reality Status!
  3. Tell @POTUS the USA cannot quit the #ParisAgreement. We need to #KeepUSinParis. Retweet this running tally of who supports the Paris Agreement.

RSVP as a participant of the Tweetstorm to #KeepUSinParis Here!


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