Now on! Democrats Abroad Launches Resistance Teams in Colombia

By DACO Resistance Team Colombia

democrats abroad colombia

“I believe this is a moment in time almost unlike any other that is requiring us to fight for ideals. In terms of what everybody can do, the letter writing, the phone calling, the emails, the marches are making a difference. We cannot tire; there is too much at stake… So what do people do? Keep doing what you are doing. There is nothing too small to put your energy and time in to.”
– Senator Kamala D. Harris (CA)

This May, Democrats Abroad Colombia (DACO) joined DA’s Global Action Team with DACO Resistance Teams.

The goal of Resistance Team organizing is to prevent the regressive legislation and policies advanced by Donald Trump and the Republican party, and to protect and defend the progressive advancements and rights gained for the betterment of all Americans as embodied in the DA Platform.

While many of us have joined resistance groups organized around weekly actions – recommended by Democrats Abroad – Resistance Teams provide the additional opportunity to organize around issues that matter most to you. Members sign up on their country’s Action Organizer which provides an inclusive list of issues directly from the current DA Platform.

Two Ways to Participate in Resistance Teams Action Organizing

DA members and non-members can Like and Follow Resistance Team postings on the Democrats Abroad Colombia Facebook page to:

  • Receive Action Alerts from DA Colombia’s Resistance Team members.
  • Use the online tools to Take Action from Abroad and make your voice heard.
  • Learn of local events in Colombia.
  • Receive updates from DA’s Global Action Team, DA International, and the DNC. Election Alerts include Special State Elections, issues, candidates. Better yet, DA members can join DA Colombia’s Resistance Team!
  • Sign up to post Action Alerts in one or more of your areas of expertise or keen interest.

Not a DA member? Sign up at and you will automatically be assigned to your country chapter.

Part of DA Americas Region’s Broader Program

Resistance Team organizing is part of Democrats Abroad Americas’ Regional program to promote Action Organizing within countries that lack an official DA Country Committee. Resistance Teams have also been launched in Haiti at Democrats Abroad Haiti Facebook, and will soon be launched in Brazil at Democrats Abroad Brazil Facebook.

Another important goal of the program is to facilitate the formation of official County Committees in these countries. This will be especially important for the 2018 elections to turn Action Organizing into progressive wins and legislation. Country Committees provide services crucial to Get Out the Vote! They will give hands-on voter registration support as well as state-specific ballot return information, services, and materials.

Reminder: US citizens living abroad must reregister each year!

So, Another Way to Organize – Join the DACO Formation Committee!  If you are in Colombia and interested in working with fellow DA Colombians to establish an official DA Colombia Country Committee, contact:

For more information on DA’s Global Action Team or  DACO’s Resistance Teams, contact DACO at:

Like and Follow us! Democrats Abroad Colombia

Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party for the millions of US citizens who live out of the country.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Roz Reymers says:

    Thanks to ARO for bringing resistance groups together, empowering us all and strengthening the cause!


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