Act Now: Join Italy, Israel and Belgium in Shouting Trump Not Welcome!

We all know by now that Trump’s first foreign trips will be to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Belgium and Italy. Trump will visit the Vatican in Rome, have a NATO meeting in Brussels, and with Prime Minister in Israel. But what you might not know about are the hundreds resisting overseas, who are working together to protest these visits in Italy, Israel and Belgium. These mobilizations led by many overseas resistance groups including American Expats for Positive Change, Women’s March Rome, Pantsuit Nation Israel, and Democrats Abroad Israel are yet another example of the important role that the overseas movement must play in the resistance.

The Resistance is Global: Israel Edition: 22 May, 7:00pm, Tel Aviv

Rome Resists: 23 May, 7:30pm, Rome

Trump Not Welcome: 24 May, 5:00 pm, Brussels


If you are in these three countries, please get in touch and join in! If you are not in these countries here are some ideas from the Trump Not Welcome mobilization of how you can support their efforts.

  • Share these events! By email, by Facebook, by twitter! And send messages of support to the organizers!
  • Donate! Trump Not Welcome has  set up a crowd funding page to help support the Belgium protest!
  • Send a one minute video stating why you will either participate or support these three marches! and tweet to @trumpnotwelcome, #RomeResists
  • Be a part of a working group and contribute your ideas of how to make these mobilizations even bigger. Contact organizers by Facebook!


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