Overseas Resistance Technology: Call Congress with Free App Stance!

By TakeAStanceUS

Americans Resisting Overseas, recognizing the extra challenges that overseas resisters face in getting in touch with their MOCs, will over the course of the summer feature several of the hottest resistance apps that specifically support our work outside the USA! Enjoy this article as part of our Overseas Tech Resistance Series! 

Calling your representatives has never been more important, but it can be difficult to reach your elected officials, let alone when when you’re living overseas. Time zones can be a pain and calling is expensive! Thankfully, there’s a new, free app called Stance that provides a solution for Americans who want to stay politically engaged and make their voice heard, wherever they are living.

Stance calls Congress for you. When you open the app it either uses your location or allows you to enter a location to find your representatives. For overseas resisters, just enter a location in the United States where you want to contact your reps and it will automatically find the proper representatives. From there you can record a voice message and Stance does the rest, navigating your representative’s phone system to leave it on your representatives’ voicemail. Stance also gives you the option to make your message public to inspire others with your story and enables you to tweet it directly at your representative’s Twitter handle.

Stance launched in mid-March as a side project after the creators came to understand the importance of calling Congress and also saw the difficulty people were having getting through to their representatives. Since then, over 20,000 people have downloaded the app and messages have been sent to every member of Congress. The press and politicians (see photo) are taking notice.

image (2)

Also, because Stance allows users to post their messages publicly, a powerful repository of voices is being created. In the lead up to the latest ACA repeal vote, Stance users told their deeply personal stories.

Stance is available for both iPhone and Android and you can read more about what they are doing at www.TakeAStance.US and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @TakeAStanceUS.

Stance is an app launched in March 2017 that allows constituents to record a voice message anytime, anywhere. Stance will send it directly to your representative’s phone.

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