Act Now: #100daysresistingabroad

#100daysresistingabroad. For 100 days we have worked hard from overseas to protect the rights and values of justice, equality and diversity. There is much more work to come, but on the 29th of Abril, the 100th day of Resistance, we will take a moment and reflect on all that we have accomplished and recharge for more!

If you are a restistance group working from overseas, please participate in this virtual event, by creating a timeline of what your group has done in the first 100 days, as well as what you imagine your focus will be for the NEXT 100 days, and posting a picture of it with the hashtag #100daysresistingabroad! (Activity adapted from Women’s March Action 4 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop)

Get creative with your timelines! They can be drawings, collages, include photos….if you need some ideas here are some basic templates for inspiration!

Also post, using #100daysresistingabroad any acts of self-care you will be doing the 29th of Abril to recharge for the long road ahead.

Let us know if you are participating here!
This Action is hosted by a network of overseas resistance groups that include:

Women’s March Florence, Italy;

Resisterhood Medellin;

Solidarity for Humanity;

Women’s March Barcelona;

Americans Resisting Overseas;

American Expats for Positive Change;

AEPC Italy;

Belfast Expat Action (ExACT);

Progressive Action Global Exchange (PAGE);

Paris Against Trump;

Resistance Events Italy;

Solidaridad US-MX
If your overseas resistance group would like to become a cohost of this event let us know!

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