Act now: Resistance Recess April 8-23

Action taken from Indivisible.

Congressional recess is back April 8-23. Congressional recess is a special time. It’s when Members of Congress (MoCs) come back to their home districts for extended periods of time to meet with their constituents and hold public events. These recess periods are when your MoCs prefer to hold town halls, ribbon cuttings, and otherwise garner good local press for themselves.

As in February, the upcoming recess is a great opportunity for your group to remind your MoCs that they need to stand up for you—and that means standing up and speaking out against the Trump agenda.

During the first recess period, thousands of you showed up to ask your MoCs hard, vital questions about whether they’ll resist the Trump agenda. And your hard work is already paying off. You defeated TrumpCare: the Republican plan, seven years in the making, to strip healthcare away from 24 million Americans just three months into the Congressional calendar. No one thought we could do it—but you called, you showed up, and, ultimately, you stopped TrumpCare from becoming law. But we aren’t done yet. We’re just getting started.

Even from overseas you can participate in Town Halls. Get creative and brainstorm ideas here.

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