How to: Divest! Part II. Sleeping Giants, White Supremacists, and Big Band Banks

There are hundreds of different actions you can take to RESIST, but one of the greatest impacts we can have, especially as a community of Americans living abroad, is through divestment. This is Part II of a two part How-to on the best ways you can actively divest! Part I covered the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This week, in Part II, we will talk about Defunding Breitbart!

Breitbart News is the populist right, “alt-right,” straight up white supremacist news baby of Steve Bannon, Trump’s Chief Strategist or evil puppet string-holder, depending who you ask. Many companies have ads on Breitbart’s website and aren’t aware of it. We can let the companies know and get them to take the ads down.


A great place to start is the Sleeping Giants Twitter account (@slpng_giants). In their own words, Sleeping Giants are “trying to stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars. Many companies don’t even know it’s happening. It’s time to tell them.”

How to tell them:

  1. Visit Breitbart News
  2. Take a screenshot of an ad next to some of their content
  3. Tweet the shot with a polite note to the company’s twitter account and tag @slpng_giants
  4. If the company responds, ask for confirmation that the ads are down.
  5. Once you get the confirmation, retweet it to @slpng_giants with the words “CONFIRMATION TWEET”

If you don’t have Twitter, go to the Sleeping Giants Facebook page. You can email or call companies as well.

At the top of the Sleeping Giants Twitter feed, you can find an FAQ  and a list of advertisers who have already taken their ads off Breitbart.

Boycott Amazon!


This might be the hardest thing for us to boycott as ex-pats. Our Kindles are linked to Amazon. We stream their videos and music. We order their books (and beauty products and gym accessories and endless tchotchkes) for our short trips home to the U.S.

But we have to take a stand.

Amazon can’t claim to be unaware of their ads on Breitbart. They’ve been notified publicly and still haven’t taken action. MoveOn currently has a petition going with more than 300,000 signatures. Sign here.  (Recently, MoveOn reported that Amazon disconnected their live chats if the words “Breitbart” or “hate speech” appeared.)

Think about it this way—Timothy Caughman, a black 66-year-old New Yorker, was stabbed to death  by a white man who came to New York to kill black men on the 20th of March. This murder exemplifies a dangerous, bigoted way of thinking that Breitbart actively encourages.

So please, let’s cancel our Amazon accounts. And let’s tell them WHY.

Did you take action?
All ARO articles are written by Americans resisting overseas, for Americans resisting overseas. If you have action ideas you want to share, contact

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