Act Now: No More Money to Fund Trump’s Wall, Deportation Force or Detention Camps!

Trump has a problem. In order to fully implement his dystopian detention and deportation nightmare, he needs Congress to give him more money. Congress must say NO to more money for Trump’s wall, deportation force and detention camps. ACT TODAY!

  • A graphic explainer on the funding request, including why this matters, targets and tactics(English and Spanish
  • Detailed phone script to demand that your Members of Congress vote NO
  • Petition—Yesterday, DWN, United We Dream, CREDO, America’s Voice, ACLU and Church World Service delivered 290,000 petitions to Senate offices to say “No” to funding Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda (see photos below); please sign and continue to share the petition widely 

Action taken from Detention Watch Network and National Immigration Project.

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  1. Deborah Christie says:

    Resisting Trump is not the same as employing undocumented workers. I deplore Trump’s wall, but I oppose employing those who do not have the right to work in the United States, and I believe that employers who use illegal labor should be prosecuted. I believe in the DREAM act, but I deplore the fact that undocumented children are sent or brought illegally into the US. I believe that we need immigration reform to permit more immigrants to come to the USA, but unless we are advocating for open borders, we must support enforcement of our immigration laws. We need to support the American worker, and prevent illegal labor from depressing wage scales.


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