Act Now: We Want Clean Power!

Our nation’s Clean Power Plan establishes the first national limits on carbon pollution from America’s power plants. It is the most significant step America has taken to reduce climate pollution and unleash clean energy innovation—all while saving lives and protecting public health. Trump’s Executive Order cancels this plan.

Let’s tell EPA’s Scott Pruitt that we want this plan to continue:

Here is the Sample Text:

I strongly support the Clean Power Plan and oppose your efforts to dismantle this vital program. This is one of the most important actions America has taken to reduce climate pollution and unleash clean energy innovation — and it will yield vital health benefits including thousands of avoided deaths, asthma attacks, and hospitalizations each year.

Not only does this plan yield a safer climate, it is essential to fulfilling EPA’s legal responsibility to protect the public from harmful climate pollution. Moreover, it does so in a way that gives states great flexibility in how they meet their pollution reduction goals.

More than 8 million Americans submitted public comments supporting carbon standards and the Clean Power Plan when it was proposed during the Obama Administration. And there is strong, diverse support for the Clean Power Plan, even in states currently suing over the standards. .. According to a recent Yale survey, a majority of Americans in every Congressional district of the country support setting strict limits on carbon dioxide emissions from America’s existing coal-fired power plants. Overall, more than two-thirds of American voters favor federal action to reduce emissions of pollutants that cause climate change.

As the Administrator of the EPA, I implore you to listen to the will of the people. Now is not the time to go backward. The Clean Power Plan will unleash innovation and make America more competitive in the 21st century. I strongly urge you to back down from attacking this landmark pollution reduction standard.

Actiont taken from Rogan´s List and the Environmental Defense Fund

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