Act Now: Get to know the “Make America Worse” Budget

This is an action from the Progressive Action Global Exchange

Get to know the Budget ”America First. A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again.” (Yes, it’s actually called that but we will refer to it as the Make America Worse Budget)

Do this so you can contribute to resistance strategies that impact both domestic and INTERNATIONAL cuts such as to the State Department, USAID, and other international programs.

America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again proposes about 28% cuts to State Department, USAID and other international educational programs, all while increasing funds for defense spending. Please take a look at linked document above (or our summary points below) and email with stories or statistics about how you, and people in your country of residence, and people in your home state would be impacted by these proposed cuts. ARO will share them with PAGE to use your stories and ideas to create call scripts and actions in the coming weeks.

PAGE tips for writing stories:

● The more detailed you can be, the better. If you’re able to include statistics and details
about your countries of residence great! (For instance: I live in Niger, where climate
change impacts XXX number of people and causes famine, flooding and other public
health problems.)

● Do you know of any ways that US Americans living in particular states will be impacted by these programs? For instance, what will cutting the UN mean for the economy of New York city? Do you know people from your home state with Department of State Educational and Cultural Exchange grants? Although as humanitarians, we may not like to make these arguments (humanity first! Not America first!) they are very effective for getting the attention of local congressional representatives.

Summary of the Trump Budget Proposals:

● According to the document, “the Budget seeks to reduce or end direct funding for international organizations whose missions do not substantially advance U.S. foreign policy interests, are duplicative, or are not well-managed”

● The document also says that “Additional steps will be taken to make the Department and USAID leaner, more efficient, and more effective” (but who knows what that means)

● The document says that funding will be maintained for
○ Embassy security
○ Security assistance to Israel
○ Certain health programs

● The following programs are at risk for being completely eliminated or seriously cut:
○ The Global Climate Change Initiative
○ US funding to the United Nations’ (UN) climate change programs
○ US funding for UN and affiliated agencies, including UN peacekeeping and other
international organizations
○ Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance account
○ Department of State’s Educational and Cultural Exchange (ECE) Programs
○ World Bank support
○ Others detailed in the document

Progressive Action Global Exchange (PAGE), educates, equips, and mobilizes US Americans abroad and global citizens to fight the Trump agenda; take action against the rise of hate, exclusion, bigotry, and inequality in the US and beyond; and build solidarity and community in their countries of residence.

Did you take action? 

Let us know from what country and how it went at If you have action ideas from overseas, send us a message!

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