Act Now: Tell BBVA what you think about their investment in the Dakota Access Pipeline

Good news! ARO is setting up a partnership with Progressive Action Global Exchange (PAGE).  a platform which educates, equips, and mobilizes US Americans abroad and global citizens to fight the Trump agenda; take action against the rise of hate, exclusion, bigotry, and inequality in the US and beyond; and build solidarity and community in their countries of residence. If you would like to set up a PAGE chapter we highly recommend you join their listserv! As part of the partnership we will be exchanging Action Alerts with PAGE so that we can all have more of an impact!

Act Now: Tell BBVA what you think about their investment in the Dakota Access Pipeline Project

Ask a Spanish Bank, that has a presence in 35 countries, to divest from DAPL. Our friends at Women’s March Barcelona have organized an amazing online campaign aimed at BBVA, a Spanish bank which has 100 million USD invested in DAPL.

BBVA has said it met recently with Sioux leaders, and are revisiting their investment, as they’re concerned about supporting initiatives which violate human rights. Let’s keep the pressure on BBVA this week to let them know that we’re watching from around the world and want them to divest! Here are some ways to do that.

● Tweet to BBVA! Here are some sample tweets. Tag us at @PAGEofdemocracy and we’ll
retweet you.

-Hey @BBVA ! The world is watching and wants you to #DivestDAPL. Don’t invest
your money in a massive human rights violation!
-¡Oye @BBVA! El mundo esta mirando y quiere que BBVA #divestDAPL. ¡No
invierte en una grande violación de derechos humanos!
-We’re watching @BBVA! When will you #DivestDAPL? #noDAPL #waterislife
-¡Estamos mirando, @BBVA! Cuando BBVA va #DivestDAPL? #noDAPL
#waterislife #aguaesvida
-@BBVA Vas a sacar tu inversión del DAPL ? No quiero que mi dinero pague
combustibles fósiles! #NoDAPL #DivestDAPL” – Para que tu mensaje tenga más
impacto, etiquete al: (@el_pais,@LaVanguardia,@bbcmundo, @cnnee,
@elmundoes, @rtve, @20m, @rac1, @elperiodico, @rne, @La_Ser)
-@BBVA are you removing your investment in DAPL?? I don’t want my money
paying for fossil fuels! #NoDAPL #DivestDAPL

● Write on the BBVA facebook page! Use the tweets above to start, and add as much as you
like as there is no character limit.

● Tell your friends to participate. Better yet, tell your friends in Spain or in the other 35 countries where BBVA is located to participate!

● Write an email encouraging your friends to reach out to BBVA on social media or divest their funds there.

Did you take action? 

Let us know from what country and how it went at If you have action ideas from overseas, send us a message!

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