Act Now: Global Town Hall with Rep Keith Ellison!

Americans Resisting Overseas is a non-partisan platform, but for those Democrats outside the USA, Democrats Abroad is a real thing, with real political power, and real representatives who have a responsibility to hear our voices from overseas.

This Friday March 17th at 9am Eastern, we, Americans living overseas, will have a unique chance to be included and heard by the Democratic Party, through the opportunity to speak out at a Global Town Hall.

On the call will be Congressman Keith Ellison who has represented Minnesota’s 5th District since 2007 and was the first Muslim-American elected to Congress.

In light of the Town Hall Project movement, covered in ARO last month, and the important issues at stake at this moment (Republicare, Muslim Ban 2.0, attacks on Planned Parenthood, etc), it is ESSENTIAL that all of us are on this call. We need to show the Democratic Party, that we Americans living abroad, are also real people, with real political power, who demand to be listened to by our real representatives even though we are not currently living in the USA.

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