Hear our Voice! Solidarity for Humanity Mobilizes from Switzerland

By Solidarity for Humanity, Switzerland. Like most other U.S. Americans abroad, those of us in Switzerland trying to stand up for our country and people, are still trying to determine how we can have the loudest voice despite having no actual representation in our country of residence or as citizens abroad back home. Because of this, it seems we are often limited to phone calls and emails, which are important, but can leave us feeling like we are not doing enough.


Yet one other tool that we do have and can use to our advantage is social media. We can connect with one another, even if we have never met before, via platforms like Facebook. In doing so, we can then coordinate with one another for maximum impact. This is just how many of us interested in speaking up came together under the name Solidarity for Humanity. The name was the title of a rally that we held on January 21st, 2017 at the United Nations in Geneva to elevate the voices of those marginalized and targeted by the new U.S. administration.

FB_IMG_1488811546348From that one day of action, we are now an official association that attempts to guide U.S.  Americans (and allies) abroad to keep in communication with their congressmen. We also hope to guide U.S. immigrants to come together to show solidarity in creative ways since most of us are unable to travel back home for some of the major marches happening every month.

Apart from setting up workshops on topics like racism and creating weekly Call-o-thons to contact our congressmen, we are using social media to lift the voices and efforts of those back in the US.

Our next group effort is a virtual event on March 10th with the goal of raising Native American voices for their march in Washington. First Nations communities will speak against the DAPL and list their demands to the US government.

From across the Atlantic Ocean, we are making the commitment to raise their march’s visibility and speak up against the DAPL, as well as, support protections for Native Americans. FB_IMG_1488811511595

What we are asking of Americans abroad and those back home, as well as allies, that are unable to go the march is the following:

Take a photo with a sign that reads: “I support Native Nations and #NoDAPL. Today, I join their March in DC virtually from (add your country or state if in the US)”

Write your representatives to stand up against abuses towards native Americans and to continue to speak against the DAPL. Include your photo supporting the march in your email.

Share any images or live feeds that you see from the march to help elevate their voices as much as possible on social media.

Invite others to join in and help create awareness.

If you have the funds, donate to support native people, for example Stand with Standing Rock.

It’s a simple action but one most of us can do no matter where we are.

FB_IMG_1488811575861We are in the planning stages of many more efforts and hope to work with other U.S. citizens across the globe to lift one another to help those back home. Solidarity, we believe, is the best way we can fight against racism, xenophobia, anti-science mentalities, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, etc. It doesn’t take much to use our voices if we have the privilege to do so. We, as regular, everyday people, have power to create change for the better. It simply takes commitment, creativity, and a willingness to unite with one another and to listen to the needs of marginalized groups.

On the 10th of March, we invite you to Stand In Solidarity With First Nations, even from outside the country.

Contact us at Solidarity for Humanity!

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