How to: Be a Recess Resister from Outside the USA

Many actions this week are centered around the Congressional recess as our members of Congress head back to their hometowns to meet with constituents. This is a chance to get some much needed face time with Congressmen.

A campaign in the States called “Resistance Recess” is waging between the 18th of February and the 26th, in which constituents are invited to attend Town Halls or schedule meetings with members of Congress to address their concerns. These can be any of the issues that are at stake, but the campaign proposes to focus on 4 key issues: defending the ACA/Obamacre, Opposing Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Opposing the Muslim and refugee ban, Demanding that Trump releases his tax returns. It can also be the opportunity to thank members of Congress for any positive actions they may have taken over the past month.

So while our Congressmen have gone back to our hometowns, what can we do from across the ocean? Here are some ideas:

Who and Where: First of all, find out who your Members of Congress are, and if there is a Town Hall event going on in your district back home:

Have a symbolic Town Hall in your host country: Organize a symbolic Town Hall event over the next week with other Americans overseas. Film it, and send the video to one or all of our 25 American’s Overseas Caucas members. Also, strength in numbers. Register your symbolic Town Hall event on Michael Moore’s Resistance Calendar, Town Hall Project, Resistance Recess, or at Indivisible.

Participate in Telephone or Virtual Town Halls: While it is highly frowned upon, some Members of Congress are hosting telephone and virtual town halls. If this is the case, you could have a chance to directly participate.

Find a delivery boy: Just because you aren’t there in person, doesn’t mean your voice doesn’t count. Write a letter, scan it, have a friend or family member back home print it out and deliver it for you during your Member of Congress’s office hours.

Take a picture: A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a photo of yourself with a Town Hall message around an issue that is important to you and post it on one of the resistance sites listed above or your own Facebook. You can also get in touch with a local organizing group via the event maps on the sites listed above, and send your resistance photo to them in solidarity. The host’s contact details are listed, and they would probably be delighted to receive and share your overseas support.

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